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Xtend+Climb® 4.4m SuperPro Telescopic Ladder

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Tougher, stronger and taller than any other telescopic ladder in the world with a new oversize construction for the industrial user and fully certified to EN131. The new Xtend+Climb® Super Pro edition has thicker extruded 6061 Aerospace Grade Aluminium tube making it extremely robust with good corrosion resistance and high tensile strength typically used in heavy-duty structures including helicopter rotor skins, motor boats, military bridges and rail coaches.

The Tallest Telescopic Ladder in the World - With thicker stiles, additional treads and even better performance than its best-selling predecessor the Plus Series, Super Pro delivers additional reach taking it right up to 4.4m when fully extended. The Super Pro Series is the most advanced, highest-performing telescopic ladder available fully conforming to all relevant aspects of EN131.

Compact Performance - Whilst the Super Pro is the first Telescopic Ladder of its kind to deliver EN131 performance at an extended length of 4.4m it can still compact down to only 88cm. This makes the Xtend+Climb Super Pro Series perfect for the commercial contractor to store in a van or pickup truck. The compact design makes it easy to get a 4.4m ladder easily through a house or business premises allowing you to reach flat roofs and first floor windows with comfort and ease.

Code Rungs Extended Length Closed Length Width Weight
1303-071 15 4.35m 0.87m 0.49m 15.7kg