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TB Davies Trade Aluminium Roof Ladders | Lightweight Profile

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Trade double & single section roof ladders for professionals working on pitched roofs. Made from lightweight aluminium sections, the side stiles have an oval profile, which keeps the weight low but has the same strength as a regular trade extension ladder. The low weight means it is easier to lift up from the floor to the roof level and easier to push the wheels along the roof tiles and into position. The fitted wall wheels make this really easy to do. When you've got your ladder in position simply flip it over the ridge bar and the fitted roof hook kit will hold the ladder in place. See the demonstration video on YouTube below to see exactly how to use this roofladder.

The ladder is also fitted with bearer bars on the underside. These bearers spread the weight of you and the ladder so when you climb along the ladder on the roof, the tiles won't get damaged. The double roof extension ladder has a locking bar that keeps the 2 sections locked making it much easier to move the ladder around. Round rungs with deeply serrated grooves help give plenty of grip no matter what the weather and the round rungs give greater assurance because your boots will grip the rungs no matter what the angle the roof is set at. Ideal tool for all trades including those who need regular roof access for example fitting satellite dishes, loft windows or chimneys.

  • *Single & Double roof ladders will be despatched in two sections
  • *Roof hook will need to be assembled onto the ladder upon delivery
SKU Nominal Length (m) Number of Bearers Storage Length (m) Extended Length (m) Weight (KG)
1305-000 4.35 4 4.35 N/A 9.75
1305-001 4.95 4 4.95 N/A 10.65
1305-002 5.55 5 5.55 N/A 11.5
1305-011 3.14 5 3.14 4.95 12.0
1305-012 3.74 5 3.74 6.15 13.75
1305-013 4.14 5 4.14 6.85 14.65
1305-014 4.74 6 4.74 8.05 16.5