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TB Davies Smart Podium Platform Steps

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Innovation and legislation has led to the emergence of a relatively new category of access equipment. Work platforms and podiums have largely replaced the use of stepladders for longer duration work at low levels. Platforms and podiums are deemed to be safer to use by health & safety officials.

UK manufactured podiums and platforms do not conform to any specific safety standards, primarily because the scope of British Standards only encompasses traditional and established products. French produced products have a specialist NFP standard, designed specifically for work platforms.

Product Code Closed Height Width Open Depth Platform Height Platform Length Platform Width Rung Count Weight Nett
1274-052 1.4m 0.65m 0.73m 0.42m 0.6m 0.6m 1 19kg
1274-053 1.7m 0.65m 1.1m 0.67m 0.6m 0.6m 2 23kg