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TB Davies Industrial EN131 Aluminium Combination Ladder

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The TB Davies Industrial Combination Ladder is A triple ladder, an A-frame stepladder, an extended stepladder, a stairwell ladder together with a telescopic safety base. The combi is safer and more refined than other combination ladders on the market. The telescopic safety base is unique to the Trade Combi. Not only does it provide additional stability in all configurations, but also permits safe use on uneven surfaces, such as kerbs and slopes.

Product SKU Nominal Length (m) Rung Count Closed Length (m) Extended Length (m) Storage Depth (m) Stile Width x Depth (m) Weight (Nett) kg
1300-0512.05+6+ x 2517.0
1300-0532.67+8+82.645.650.2065 x 2522.0
1300-0542.98+9+92.946.250.2080 x 2529.0
1300-0563.510+11+113.548.100.2380 x 2535.0