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Little Giant SafetyStep Ladder 2,3 & 4 Treads

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The Little Giant™ Safety Step is a unique combination of strength and simplicity. The Safety Step is constructed with super-strong, lightweight aerospace-grade aluminium; its wide, slip-resistant steps give you unmatched comfort and stability.

The Safety Step operates so easily that you can open and close it with one hand. Its slim storage depth (127mm) will let you store it just about anywhere. It's also made for professional and industrial use. In fact, the Safety Step is rated to hold up to 150kg on each step. This tough, compact step stool can handle just about any task, from the lightest house chore to the heaviest industrial job.

Product SKU Treads Top Tread Height Closed Height Open Width (m) Open Depth (m) Weight (kg)
1216-002 2 0.45 0.79 0.53 0.58 7.0
1216-003 3 0.67 1.09 0.56 0.86 9.4
1216-004 4 0.89 1.39 0.58 1.14 12.3