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TB Davies Light Duty Triple Extension/Combi 4Way Ladders

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The TB Davies Light Duty Triple Aluminium Extension/Combi 4Way Ladder is a handy multi-function ladder, which can be used as a straight triple extension ladder, basic A-frame step, extended A-frame step. Ideal for all homeowners looking for a 3 section ladder that doubles up as an extending step ladder. This is a ladder that you can use to maintain both the inside and outside of your home.

The ladder has 4 functions, a triple extension ladder, a step ladder or as an extended step ladder. It also works on staircases. Think of changing light bulbs recessed into high ceilings - these are now in reach!

Product SKU Nominal Length (m) Rung Count Closed Length (m) Extended Length (m) Storage Depth (m) Stile Width x Depth (m) Weight (Nett) kg
1300-310 2.0 7+7+7 2.02 4.26 0.15 65 x 25 17.0
1300-312 2.6 9+9+9 2.58 5.94 0.17 65 x 25 22.0
1300-314 2.9 11+11+11 3.14 7.06 0.18 80 x 25 29.0