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Medium Duty Steel Warehouse Mobile Steps (Punched Tread)

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Designed for warehouse environments or large supermarket stores where access to high shelves is necessary. The Medium Duty Mobile Warehouse Step is manufactured in the UK and constructed from mild steel and is powder coated to resist knocks and scratches. You may only climb the step if the red anti-ascent bar is engaged as this also doubles up as the brake and locks the step in place. To move into position, simply pull the red brake handle forward and the whole unit glides effortlessly along all smooth floors to your workstation.

The 550 x 380mm platform is toe boarded on 3 sides to prevent objects falling on to workers or customers below.

The Mobile Step is available in a range of sizes with punched treads or anti-slip treads. If you plan to use this step outside, we recommend you choose punched treads. The rear castors are solid and puncture resistant, designed to give years of service.

We offer a custom service that includes a different paint RAL, gates, chains fitted or amendments to the pulpit area. Please ask for more details and prices.

Code Tread Platform Height Overall Height Overall Footprint (W x D) Weight
2017-0032018-00330.75m1.75m0.75m x 0.84m30kg
2017-0042018-00441.00m2.00m0.75m x 0.99m35kg
2017-0052018-00551.25m2.25m0.80m x 1.13m40kg
2017-0062018-00661.50m2.50m0.80m x 1.28m45kg
2017-0072018-00771.75m2.75m0.80m x 1.42m50kg
2017-0082018-00882.00m3.00m0.80m x 1.60m55kg
2017-0092018-00992.25m3.25m0.90m x 1.71m65kg
2017-0102018-010102.50m3.50m0.90m x 1.86m75kg
2017-0122018-012123.00m4.00m1.00m x 2.15m95kg
2017-0142018-014143.50m4.50m1.20m x 2.44m110kg
2017-0152018-015153.75m4.75m1.32m x 2.60m120kg